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Our Pricing

Managing your own Midjourney account with full API capabilities, unlimited generations and a management dashboard.

ImaginePro Standard Plan


A comprehensive starting point for exploring our image generation API, with full image generations capabilities, ideal for non-technical users or those new to image generation.

  • Easy setup process
  • Full access to the API and its features
  • 100 image generations per month
  • Clear usage instructions
  • Option to cancel at any time

ImaginePro Pro Plan


Unleash the full potential of ImaginePro with unlimited image creations, enhanced account linkage, and advanced features for pro users.

  • Includes all Standard Plan features
  • Unlimited image generations*
  • Use your own Discord account
  • Link multiple Discord accounts for enhanced management
  • Built-in load balancing for optimal performance
  • Access to faceswap, inpainting, and more

Dedicated Server Plan


Experience priority service with our Dedicate Server Plan, designed for users seeking expedited support, faster image generation, and a dedicated infrastructure.

  • Your own server and domain name.
  • We can hand over the server to you if our service is no longer available
  • Enhanced infrastructure for improved performance and reliability
  • Priority access to dedicated support team for quick and efficient assistance
  • Expedited image generation with faster processing queues

[1] Your image generation quota will depends on your Midjourney plan when you link your own Midjourney plan with us, otherwise it will be limited to 600 generations per month, with 100 in fast mode and 500 in relax mode.

[2] Additional charge applies when you link more than one Discord accounts to our system.

Midjourney subscription is NOT included.

You can choose using your own Midjourney account, or we can help set one up for you.