Get Started

Using the Web App

If you would like to start generating images straight away using web app, please do the follows:

  1. Make sure you logged in to your account via Sign In page.

  2. Go to The Setup Page page, scroll to the bottom, and make sure you have a non-expired token.

  3. Go to the Create Image page, write your prompt, and click the "Generate" button.

Using the API

Please follow the documentations about our API endpoints. Sample steps are as follows:

  1. Use the imagine endpoint to generate an image generation task, you get a messageId from the response.
  2. Keep using the messageId to call the progress endpoint to check the status of the task, please keep in mind of the rate limiting.
  3. When the returnd status is "Done", or the progress is "100", you get an URL for the grid of 4 preview images, from the uri field in the response.
  4. You also get a list of valid buttons action in the response, you can use them to do subsequent actions, such as regenerate another 4 images (e.g. "🔄"), uspcale the selected image (e.g. "U1"), or regenerate another 4 images based on the selected image (e.g. "V1").
  5. You call the button endpoint to do the subsequent action, you get another messageId from the response.
  6. Keep using the messageId to call the progress endpoint to check the status of the task.
  7. Repeat the steps 3-6 until you get the final image you want.

Using your own Discord account with your own Midjourney subscription.

Linking your own Discord account with a valid official Midjourney plan could give you more stable performance, unlimted generations, but comes with the ban risks.

Midjourney doesn't allow people to use their service via bot or programs, so using API to call it, may result in account ban from them. And we don't take any responsibility for any bans.

However, if you are willing to take the risk:

  1. Understand the risk and how to reduce the risk of ban.
  2. Get your your Discord account details.
  3. Follow the linking guide to link your own Discord account.

Useful links

  • To manage the tasks in our queues, please use the MMJ Queue endpoints.
  • To manage the linked account details, please use the List Tokens or Toggle Tokens endpoints.
  • To understand how to get unlimited generations, linking account status, etc, please read the FAQ.
  • For troubleshooting, please read the Troubleshooting page.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at our Telgram channel MyMidjourney (opens in a new tab). But please have a look at the FAQ first.