How to get unlimited quota?

To get unlimited quota, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have a Pro or Dedicated Server plan with us.
  2. Make sure you have a valid Discord account with a official Midjourney plan (opens in a new tab).

The following image shows how many quota included in each of the official Midjourney plan, you will need to buy a standard one or above, to get unlimited generations in the relax mode.


  1. Follow the instructions to link your Discord account.

Why I need to pay additional Midjourney plan to get unlimited quota?

The subscription plan you have with us is for the API access and the web interface access to Midjourney. We includes some complementary quota for you, the main purpose is to make sure you can start using our services as soon as possible.

We cannot afford to give you unlimited quota for free because that's not how Midjourney works and charges.

If you need additional quota, please contact us via our Telegram group (opens in a new tab).

But if you need unlimited quota, the best option for you is to purchase official Midjourney plans on your own and link your Discord account to us, so you can still enjoy the benefits of our API access and web interface access.

And that usually will also bring you a better experience, because all the requests will be processed by your own Midjourney account, and you can use your own Midjourney account to generate images.

How do I link my own Discord account to MyMidjourney?

To link your own Discord account to MyMidjourney, follow these steps:

  1. checkout the guide to grab your Discord account details
  2. follow the instructions to link your Discord account

My linked Discord account is keep saying Verifying, how to fix it?

If your linked Discord account status is active, then it could because of you forget to add Midjourney bot into your Discord server and channel. It could also be because of the provided Discord details such as Discord token is invalid or expired. Please fix them and re-enable the linked account by toggling the account off and on.


If your linked Discord account status is not active, then it could be because of your linked Discord account is suspended or banned. Please confirm from the Discord side.

How do I get a free trial?

The free trial is automatically activated after you sign up for MyMidjourney. Once you've signed up, you can start using MyMidjourney for free.

Please make sure you go to the setup page to check if you have the MyMidjourney token or not.

I'm using the free trial, and the speed of image generation is too slow.

Midjourney has 2 generation modes, fast and relax. The fast mode usually generates images in 1 min, and the relax mode can generates images up to 10 mins.

So the speed of image generation depends on the mode you are using. For the trial account, it could be slow because the fast mode quota has been used up in our system.

If you subscribe to our paid plan, you will have a complementary 100 fast image generation. The Pro plan also includes 500 images in the relax mode.

If you need more image generation, please see the bellow FAQ item.

How to unlock limit or get more quota?

If you see the message You have already queued 2 jobs in shared account. Link your own Discord Token to unlock unlimited queue, you can link your own Discord account to unlock unlimited queue, and get more quota.

Our complementary quota (100 fast image generation for the Standard plan, and 500 extra relax image generation for the Pro plan) won't impact your account anymore, your quota will depend on your Midjourney subscription plan.

I have linked my own Discord account, but I can't see the jobs I sent in the Discord server.

It's possible that your Discord account is not really linked. When our website says it's active, it means that we've used your Discord details to connect your account, the verification progress may takes a few minutes, and our system will also take time to updating caches and queues for you.

Please check the status of linked Discord account, if it's Verifying, please wait for a few minutes, until it's Fast or Relax.

If you still can't see the status updating or jobs in the Discord server, please try to disable and enable the Discord token again.

What's the speed of image generation?

The speed of image generation depends on your Midjourney subscription plan and the number of concurrent jobs you have in the queue. The more concurrent jobs you have, the faster the image generation will be.

For a single running job, the image generation usually takes up to 1 mins for the fast mode, and up to 10 mins for the relax mode.

Is there a way to avoid Midjourney ban?

MJ bot detection is getting more restrict over the time, especially after they found Stable Diffusion community scrapping (opens in a new tab) their images in Discord.

Although we've done our best to prevent it, it's still possible to get banned. It depends on the severity of the ban, and the usage pattern of your account.

There's no clear way to avoid it 100%, and they use AI to detect. some points may help:

  1. don't run your tasks 24*7, or continuously for hours
  2. keep your prompt in the same writing styles
  3. don't keep sending prohibited prompts or invalid commands
  4. don't use the linked Discord account manually at the same time

In general, we recommend you to run your task as a real human being, not a bot, and to keep your prompts simple and clear.