Slash Commands (relax, fast)



Commands reflect the slash commands that can be sent in Midjourney. The abilities of the slash commands are limited to the tier of the subscription you have with Midjourney.

Note: The Commands endpoint is only available to the user who linked their own Discord token with us.

POST /api/v1/midjourney/commands

Sample Request

  "cmd": "fast"

Request Body

cmdstringtruenonethe slash commands


The current slash commands we support are:

  • relax - Do not consume fast hours (pro tier with linked Discord account only)
  • fast - Consume fast hours (pro tier with linked Discord account only)
  • turbo - Use the turbo mode (pro tier with linked Discord account only)
  • cancel - Cancel the job (pro tier with linked Discord account only)
  • remix - Enable the remix mode (pro tier with linked Discord account only)
  "cmd": "fast"

ref (optional)

You can optionally pass ref in your command - which can be used useful when using webhooks You might want to do this to pass some simple metadata through to your webhook.

webhookOverride (optional)

You can optionally pass webhookOverride that will route a response to a webhook of your choosing. Please note that using a webhook is completely optional. You are welcome to use the GET Message endpoint to retrieve responses.

Sample Response

  "success": true,
  "messageId": "your-message-id",
  "createdAt": "2023-08-01T14:03:01.817Z"

Response Body

successbooleana boolean value for the generation job creation status
messageIdstringthe messageId for querying the progress later
createdAtstringtimestamp of the task creation
errorstringerror message if any


const axios = require("axios")
const config = {
  method: "post",
  url: "",
  headers: {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    Authorization: "Bearer <your-token>",
  data: {
    cmd: "fast",
  .then(function (response) {
  .catch(function (error) {